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Have I told you about my characters?

Anyway, since my character sheet are in a suitable html format, I thought I'd post up a couple of packs, so to start with, my infiltration and, eventually, Alpha Pack. I'd love to see some other sheets...

Daniel Final-NightCollapse )

ElektraCollapse )

Twisted-BladeCollapse )

Tales of the Sixth Age

First of all, thank you to everyone who came along on Sunday. There's so much I should say. So much I want to say. So much I don't know how to say.

Those who were there, got thanked in person. pierot also left special thanks for portilis and molez, as the two other long running Zeitgeist STs, without whom this would not have been possible, and rweishaar for being the most evil bastard in the world.

And then it finished! The Nephandi tried to destroy the Prophecy of the Thousand Years (in which the Garou won the promise of a new hero, at the end of the Thousand Years of Darkness), with Baal and Lysander (Owen's old Mage) as their prophets. The vampires and the magi defeated them, and we were left with our last image of Zeitgeist being a flickering candle in the darkness.

The Sixth Demon Age has begun.

So, Tegan ended up sacrificing herself and pouring her life force and consciousness into the little island in the Thames that she loved, making it a tiny ark of wyld energy and life - a candle in the darkness.

Firinne was last seen wearing battered armour, sword over one shoulder, walking with Pints into the darkness. Somewhere out there is an underground city, warded against magic, and removed from all human records. They will live there, and it will become the centrepoint of the resistance against the Dark. She wants to recreate what 'vampire' means there. One day, they won't be remembered as monsters. They will be remembered as the guardians of memory, of a time before the dark. They will be respected, if still feared, but they won't be hated, and when the thousand years ends, they won't be hunted.

And Sunshine? Well, no one knows what happens to Sunshine. I think it's appropriate. Her last words to Sammiel were "I used to be married to Jason Black in another life. I think that's why I'm so troubled in this life. Wouldn't you be?"

Now, soon I'll write a piece in which I offer to answer any questions about my PCs, about what I was doing, about what I thought or felt, but for now I want to know about you guys.

I've told you the ending for my PCs. What is happening to yours? How did your Zeitgeist end?

Finally, I've noticed some people are putting up 'Tales of the Sixth Age' on zg_shadows. Do write more! Do tell me all about your PCs. Or your PC's descendents. Or just how you think the Sixth Age will end. Tell me your stories.

After all, now it's over to you.
Howdy folks, i was just wondering if there had been any further talk of things like destroying the world and rebuilding molecule by molecule? If so i would like some input from somebody/anybody about how one is supposed to coerce one of the legendary spirits currently occupying him into such an act. It wasnt as easy as it sounded.

I still think this elsewhere + world egg = erm... plan has merit. :)

Thoughts and feelings?


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a venue!

Come! See the end of the world! Look out for Nosferatu's giant mutant lizard! See if Face is really dead?

(I've suspected he's actually Caine in disguise for some time)

The final Zeitgeist game will be happening at:

The Old Explorer
23 Great Castle street,
Oxford Circus,
020 7491 0467

Time in will be at 2 pm for Vampire and then 6.30 pm for the Final Game. At the Final Game you may play any character you have ever played in Zeitgeist, for reasons which will become clear on the day.

I hope to see as many of you as possible.

ZG venue


We've having real issues finding a venue for ZG this Sunday.

The College Arms want £200 deposit. The Black Horse want a minimum spend at the bar which we can't offer. The Ship is booked, the King's Head isn't available until 5 pm.

We need a function room which will hold at least 15 people from 2 pm until 10.30 pm.

Does anyone have any ideas? Otherwise I'm really not sure what we're going to do.

Last game...


As you've probably guessed, last game is going to be next weekend - the fourth weekend. More details to come!

Last ever Zeitgiest game...

...has been delayed. We can't get a venue this weekend for sensible money - we think because it's so close to New Year.

We are, therefore, looking at the third or fourth weekend. I'd like to know now who can make it. As a note, as it's the last game, we may well see if we can get somewhere with a bit of a buffet, and maybe do some food as well. Can you leave a comment if you'd be prepared to add some money in for that?

When could you make the final ZG game?

The third Sunday of January?
The fourth Sunday of January?

Last ever Zeitgiest game

Hello! I'm just doing a quick call out to find out who is planning on coming to the last ever Zeitgeist game this Sunday. We're having a bit of trouble finding a venue, and I need to know who will be attending.

Please do let me know if you will be coming. I need to know if we have enough people to be able to book a venue which requires a guaranteed spend across the bar, or a minimum number of people attending, or if we have few enough people to get a smaller venue.

Comment, e mail, let me know asap!

Thank you!

Next Zeitgeist games...


So everyone knows, we have another two Zeitgeist sessions to go, before we wrap up the last of the games.

The penultimate of these sessions will be on 6th December which is the first Sunday in December. Venue to be announced, but we're hoping it will be the College Arms.

The game will start at 2 pm, with Vampire (Cam and Sabbat, joint) and then will continue with Mage/Mortals in the evening, from about 8 pm onwards.

Do come, give the game its grand farewell, and make sure your PC gets to sail off happily into the sunset. And looming darkness.

I hope to see people there.


Sorry for the short notice, but Zeitgeist will not be running tomorrow - Sunday 25th. For personal reasons, Jez isn't able to run and having spoken with Pink, they are agreed that just running a mortals game would not viable.

Really really sorry again!

The game will be running in the first weekend of December, with the penultimate mage and vampire game, with the finale in January.