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Not a character sheet, but...

The Code Of Do What You Have To

1 Show no weakness
Anything that shows, the Wyrm can find out. Give it no cracks to lever at.

2 Give no hostages to fortune
People you care about are a crack for the Wyrm to lever at. Don't get them killed.

3 Sense over sentiment; accept your losses
Save what you can. Don't endanger it by trying to save what you can't.

4 Personal is not the same as important
Who are you that you should matter more than Gaia?

5 Honour is personal. But being regarded as dishonourable may be important
Be honourable as defined below (as long as it does not prevent you doing what you must):
- Honesty
- Loyalty
- Chivalry
- Mercy
Yes, Sulien had a sub-Code, which she also followed. And her sub-Code was the chivalric tradition, as one might expect. And any time it hit the Code of Do What You Have To, she sacrificed honourable behaviour for the Greater Good, and hated it.

6 Lead, or serve loyally; don't piss about
If you don't agree with your alpha, challenge them. If you don't have the guts to challenge, then shut the f- up and do what you're goddam told.
(...anyone begin to understand why she disliked Marcus so much...)

7 Keep personal feelings out of Garou business
It doesn't matter how much you dislike someone; you're in a war. You have to have each others' backs.

8 Accept the consequences of your actions
And do them anyway.