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Deadlands LARP

Just in case people haven't been mae aware yet, I'm curently gathering interest for a possible Deadlands LARP in London. If your interested, please make it known via the facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/539022816117253/

Nights At The Round Table

This a little webseries about Role Playing. I thought people here might find it amusing :)

Apologies for blowing off the dust on this community, but was checking for an old post, and suddenly thought this would be the best place to ask something I've been wondering…

I know there was Interregnum, but that has now finished (apparently it only ran for about 3 months or so) and the group who were doing it are doing a much more free form game not using the White Wolf rules or setting.

So, is there anything else? oWoD specifically, assuming MET, but if it's another system that's good, then that's also fine.

I know there's the various Isles of Darkness nWoD games, but they don't really appeal to me.

Someone mentioned that there was a oWoD game being run by whatever the name is for the group that are running Camarilla-associated games in the UK after the Isles of Darkness split off. Is that right? Is it any good? What game(s) is it?

Triptych On Livejournal

What ho all. I've been asked by Sir James Of Bonfield to alert you all to the brand spanking new and sparkly awesome livejournal community of awesomeness and win.

You may find it at:


Please join us and make it fabulous.


I have thought long and hard about what to say, and still couldn't come up with anything decent so hopefully this stream of nonsense.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who has played, (I would name people but I'm crap at names) it has been a vivid and realised group of characters I can't say there was one who didn't come across as real. I have enjoyed every moment from when I joined.

Secondly a special thank you too the ST's without whom the world wouldn't have existed or been anywhere as interesting.

I shall miss the game awfully and just wished my body hadn't decided it needed to sleep on the last day

Oh and as a demonstration of how cool and interesting the games were, I never once got bored and started just being random (which as Andrew will atest can be an intereting experience for someone running a game)


Triptych is an OWoD Vampire:The Masquerade LARP planning to start up soon in London. In Triptych there will be potentially three venues. Camarila, Sabbat and Hunters -all vying for control of the city - there will also possibly be an occasional party venue to which you may bring a character from any venue. Once we have enough people interested we will be aiming to begin the games, all taking place on one weekend. One during the day and one during the night. Character creation will be as in Laws Of The Night revised edition - with possibly a few ammendments - anyone wanting to do anything a bit on the woogy side, contact the STs. Full Character creation rules and some house rules will be uploaded ASAP.

Anyone is welcome to join, but anyone caught cheating worse than Tiger Woods on temptation island will find their arse handed to them on a warded silver platter... then diablerised... by a 15th gen...

...wearing a silly hat.

For those of  you who don't know, James, Owen and myself will be STing a vampire game sometime in the near future, and naturally all who dwell here will be welcome.

We have sorted out a facebook group, i have sent many of you a friends request as Takka da Hakka, so if you are interested in playing, or wish to find out more about it, check us out there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

For anyone who is interested

The Underground City that a few of us have mentioned some of the Vampires going to is here:


Very many thank yous.

This partly follows on from my reply to the thread below, but i feel it deserves its own post.

First off before i feel i can begin writing whats left of Pintz's story there are a few people i would like to clear  some things up with, I would hate not to include a lot of you in Pintz's story because you have all played such a pivotal part in his existence thus far.

Some of the characters i would be honored to include are:

Jackrass, Jamie, Firinne, Jade, The commanding officers of Her Majesties ghostly bad asses (y'all know who you are), The KOLP, Vlad Santoza, Ash, Tolly, The vampire formally known as Prince Keiren Stracken, and Sam Air.

As i said before, I would love to include some of these characters and more in my story, also i would like to avoid treading on peoples toes. My email is Takka101@googlemail.com. If you would like to post you emails here one and all id really like it. Not just because of further story telling opportunities, but there are many that play zeitgeist that i would hate to lose contact with, it has been a pleasure to meet each and every one of you.

Secondly i would like to take this opportunity to thank some people for making this last year and a half of my life one of the greatest social experiences i have ever had...

Firstly Mr Jez, HAHAHAHAHA WE KNEW WE'D GET YOU IN THE SFS!!!!! No seriously, thank you so much for putting up with my BS. You ran a great game, with some seriously difficult obsticles, the nature of the game was such that alot of people needed your attention alot of the time, and you dealt with this beautifully. It was obvious it stressed you out at times, but you took great care to not let this effect the atmosphere of the game. The plots you were responsible for weaving were intricate, exciting, and emotional and the goob you were responsible for...well it made me a Golcondic Methuselah, Fianna Legend, cheese monkey....and well lets just say im very grateful. You always ran a fair game, and were always willing to listen...a thousand thank yous.

Sally, with out you Jez may have exploded! Seriously Sally, you have played a great many characters that Pintz has met, and every single one of them has been a nightmare joy to interact with. Carla pulled our asses out of the fire so many times i think each SFS buttock belongs to her and no mistake. Meg baffled me from a far, i still cant work out how we are related but it makes me giggle to know that by proxy one of your characters is related to one of Owen's, then makes me cry because one of mine is. And i don't really know what to say about Firinne. Pintz and Firinne have been leaders of opposing factions, leaders of the same factions, loyal members of the same court, enemies, allies, business partners, friends and much more. Pints was an emotional guy when it came to fighting the jihad and protecting his allies, but i found my self caring deeply for Carla's safety, and caring deeply for Firinne full stop. Thank you Sally

GINNIE, i have said it before...ill say it again....your awesome. I have never seen anyone take on a character so perfectly. Each of your characters and NPCs is a person entirely in their own right and you deserve an oscar for your myriad of performances. Jade was sexy/scary/funny in equal measure, Fav memory: "Im really sorry guys i know we haven't got time for a mass combat really....and yes i know the SFS took up the whole last game by hitting things.....yes yes i am aware that people have some serious business and need to take the appropriate time to impliment their evil schemes....but YOU DIE FACE.....YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!!!!!"
In Sabbat If it wasn't for Ellen Chaimberlain I think we would have diablerised ourselves from within...honestly we salute you....the true Bishop of the London Sabbat....Praise Caine!!!
Mary was sexy/forgiving/evil/and with jamie in equal measure.
Seriously Ginnie, OOC when things got emotional you were always willing to lend an ear, and always willing to give space and always seemed to know which was needed.

You three have been ever hospitable, loads of fun and i can honestly say I love you. :)

Owen, James, and Zad....You my boys, SFS forever....Nuff Said!!!!

Si Francis, what can i say man, even the SFS hold their hat off to you when it comes to how much one character can cause a whole venue to want to commit ritual suicide. It was always a blast clashing character sheets with you, and i have never seen someone willing to put their character on the line just because its what would realistically happen the way you do, it is something to be respected.

James Moody, your an absolute charisma powerhouse. Thad and Dr Grey were amazing, deep, characters, in fact i have seen you build a character and and was honestly amazed at the detailed background you reeled off on the spot. You played a great Hero and a Great antagonist. It will always be a shame to me that we never actually got to shake fist against each other. Fav memory: Filling in for Lord Byron with a piece of off the cuff history.

Raven, When i was a bad guy....i was scared you would kill me for my evil deeds, when i was a good guy i was scared you would kill me for the good ones...and you almost did a couple of times....thank you for the battles, and thank you for all your scary NPCs. It has been a pleasure role playing with you.

Mike Horton, It ain't over till its over Jack! I have honestly never enjoyed getting fucked over repeatedly by someone so much. You can guarantee that the SFS will be knocking on your throne room door many more times in the next 1000 years and beyond. Thank you for all your characters and thank you for STing. Fav quote: "you think i can knock one out before the end of the round?" LOLZ

Darren and Polly, I don't know if you'll see this, but i miss you guys. I made it my business to interact with your characters no matter what the venue. Darren Penhalligan was amazing, i know you know it so well stop there :P and Polly Patches took Den Father to whole new levels, i only played one Garou game as a Garou and would not have had any fun had you not shown me the ropes. I hope Oz is going great for you guys, and really hope our paths cross in the future. F.Y.I Polly you play the most convincing vampire i have ever seen.

John and Dave, you guys are living legends, you added an air of mystery to the game that was honestly quite unnerving. It would not have been the same with out you. Fav moment: "ill see your infernal goob and raise you the combined forces of Her Majesties armed forces....have at thee Wyrm!"

Matt Matt, I am honestly amazed at your ability to play any sheet thrust into your hands. You gave a great deal to Zeitgeist and you  were always willing to help a poor confused ginger person. Mainly thank you for being an ever positive influence.

The Knights of the Leather Pants, you guys....you guys....i want to kill you guys, your sabbat characters, your mages, your mummies, and your mortals alike. But that doesn't mean i didn't have great fun. It was good to get a taste of our own chaotic medicine....thanks guys :0)

Neil, we had our differences....but i can honestly say i think your a good guy. Ever since Pintz and MSR found them selves fighting side by side against the forces of Skar i think we have worked fairly well as a team. I think it forced us to work together and showed us both that we had some good ideas that would benefit from each others input. Also i had loads of fun with Keiren, regardless of whether i stood with him or against him. I look forward to role playing with you in the future.

Sarah, again sometimes we clashed ideals, but you were a lot of fun, and it was an honour to stand with you against the Wyrm...you were perfect.

Ian, Great characters, great out look on the game and always willing to mix it up a bit. Fav memory: got to be "wait so im perfect right? fuck this im off to nick the crown jewels." Absolutely classic.

Big Si, we love you man, Jimmy was awesome, and Alex was loyal to the core....loyal to whom is still in question :P Loved that armour. Fav memory...gotta be you getting blown by Jez, or the hideousness of your canine abortion. eeeeeew to both.

Andy, Duncan and Jason Black made me want to kill them, and myself, and Jez for creating a world in which they could exist, then you for creating them, but your contribution to the game is undeniable as a player and an ST...thank you for keeping the wheels turning.

Mike Longley, another player who changed the face of the game with his characters and an ST. The battle with Seraph was epic, and crossing sheets with Aken Heru was always fun. Also i think by the end of the game i had 12 of seraphs amulets and a large portion of all the infernal goob you managed to cook up. You also inspired the "wait there's a mummy, make it jump up and down and see if it jangles" phase of the SFS. So thank you for you characters, your STing and well...all your stuff :D

Seriously guys I don't think i am capable of thanking everyone for everything they deserve it for, but i hope i have gone some way to showing you all how grateful i am for providing this experience. So thank you one and all.

Last call at the bar.

Hey guys two things...

First thank you all..

and if you are listening somewhere thank you particularily to Andy and Mike. The others got to hear me say it.


Poeple say they have questions...

Put em up and i'll try and answer them, fair warning some i may decline as i' have purposefully kept the truth about some of the final stuff ambiguous so multiple poeple can write their end stories based on their personal interpretatin of who/ what an antagonist was. I won't be defing those as i don't wish anyones ending to be unfairly labelled as wrong...

I may answer here - but depending on teh number may just say lets get together for a few drinks sometime and talk through them...